‘DayZ’ Creator Off To Scale Mount Everest, Likely Due To Lack Of Zombies

Posted by on April 15, 2013 at 9:46 am
The most badass vacation? Yeah.

The most badass vacation ever? Yeah.

Okay, it’s not quite a vacation, but while DayZ‘s Dean Hall is out on sabbatical, he’s going to be scaling the world’s tallest mountain; a feat of herculean effort. I guess he’s supposed to be working on a standalone version of that game he’s known for, but hey, why not take advantage of a massive pile of rocks while you can?

The thought of scaling Everest gets me excited, but I dream of living in Alaska and vacationing in Antarctica, too. Of course, with Everest comes the ultimate in physical endurance. Last year, I even scoped out Discovery Channel’s Everest series and while I’d read about the mountain in so many books growing up, I didn’t quite realize how much planning went into hiking it. Through the weeks adjusting for the altitude and then the multi-day climb, which consists of reaching oxygen-starving heights that the struggle to summit will consume every last bit of your being.

Oh, and yeah, that game thing. That’s pretty cool.

Source: Kotaku

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