Oculus Rift Dev Makes ‘Mirror’s Edge’ VR Ready, Looks Terrifying

Posted by on April 15, 2013 at 8:28 am
Hold onto the rail, don't look at anything, just take a breath.

Get on all fours, scale along, don’t look at anything, just take a breath, you can do it.

One advantage of having Oculus Rift development kits in the wild is that people are actually creating stuff with them. Shocking, right? Cymatic Bruce is taking requests and his latest is DICE’s 2008 first-person runner Mirror’s Edge. The game was already a stomach-turner for some with its dizzying heights and all-too-real, free-running immersion, but when you add a real VR interface on top? Oh boy.

While Bruce only complains of some lightheadedness, there are definitely some artifacts of the transition that have to be taken into account. Bruce cranes his head to look at a ledge he wants to get to, but has to realign his view with where his controller is aiming at so that the game will actually perform the action. This “correction” means that he’s also not stuck with his head looking to the side the whole time. Bruce must also crank down the sensitivity on his controller and mouse inputs and is also a lot more cautious about performing jumps because, obviously, his sensory is now fully engaged with the surroundings. If he wouldn’t do it in real life, there’ll no doubt be some hesitation doing it in the simulation.

Check it out below, it’s pretty crazy how well he’s able to pull it off using some open source software.

Source: PC Gamer

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