‘Rise Of The Triad’s Multiplayer Is Really Fast And Crazy, You Guys

Posted by on April 15, 2013 at 10:30 am


It’s just not Monday morning until Evolve PR’s Tom sends us a clever/snarky/incredibly witty e-mail for one of his games. Today’s nugget? A full eighteen minutes of Rise of the Triad’s multiplayer, which goes so fast I might need some Dramamine. It might also be too late…

From baseball bats with sentient green eyes in them (!) to dual wielding pistols and ejecting ammo single-handedly (?) to a color-palette swapping, mind-bending Shrooms mode (?!), it looks like ROTT has everything you need to receive a severe case of whiplash. Forget bribing your friend to rearend you while you consume hallucinogens, here it is. This is that experience.* If you watch any of our videos, you’ll know I have a hard enough time playing games in standard speeds, even slowed down speeds, much less sped up times infinity. For those future Olympians out there, this is your performance enhancer.

*I don’t really know.

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