‘SimCity’ Still Broken: Mega-City Built With No Power, Water, Or Sewage, Sims Okay With That

Posted by on April 1, 2013 at 8:37 am
It looks kinda like Kowloon City, doesn't it?

It looks kinda like Kowloon City, doesn’t it?

It seems we can’t go a week without some deep-cutting example of SimCity‘s broken design makes its way across the internet. The game I wanted to be the best of the year comes to another turn as reddit user Photism creates a megalopolis of 1.8 million Sims – yes, that many – that don’t have access to any amenities, jobs, or utilities. Great.

Of course, most any other city that didn’t have power, water, sewage, parks, schools, police departments, or anything that wasn’t a residential area would collapse upon itself in short order; not Megabumtropia One. By setting the tax rate to 0%, the game breaks and Sims will stop complaining about anything, so you can feel free to not fulfill any of their civil mandates because they won’t have any. By not industrial zones there or in neighboring cities, buildings never become abandoned and by not having any commercial zones, there’s never any crime. Hmmm, right.

You can read lots more and see lots of uniform-looking data maps at the source below.

Source: reddit

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