‘StarCraft: Ghost’ May Still Be A Real Game, Was Never Canceled

Posted by on April 8, 2013 at 12:24 pm
I was this close to playing history.

I was this close to playing history.

StarCraft: Ghost is a large chunk floating in Blizzard’s pool of unfulfilled potential. Announced at the beginning of the sixth generation of consoles in 2002, the game was postponed indefinitely in 2005 as new consoles were arriving. To the casual observer, it seemed that Blizzard’s protracted development cycles seemed inflexible for the strict lifespan of a console life. Notice, I didn’t say it was canceled in 2005 and neither did Blizzard, because apparently it still exists somewhere over a decade after its announcement.

My biggest regret coming out of E3 2004 and 2005 was not playing Ghost. The first year, the game was still under development at Nihilistic Software, which had to hand-off duties when its contracted time expired and they had to move onto other projects. (If you’re trying to remember what games came afterward, it’s best to give up now. That road is a sad one.) The game was playable in a few spots at Microsoft’s booth that first year, but someone was always bogarting the things, running around levels and solving weird hacking puzzles. Taking up the reins from Nihilistic was Metal Arms developer Swingin’ Ape Software, who was subsequently purchased and folded into Blizzard, which became the 2005 version I didn’t play. In that case, the lines to deathmatch people were simply ridiculous. The game was shown off a few more times, most notably at Blizzard’s inaugural BlizzCon event that year. Then it vanished.

Do I secretly pine for it to come to life? I sure do. This isn’t much confirmation of that ever coming to be, but it’s a glimmer, a cone of light…

Source: Official PlayStation Magazine via The Escapist

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