‘The Bureau’ Is The ‘XCOM’ Shooter Reborn… Again

Posted by on April 26, 2013 at 10:37 am
It's finally for real!

It’s finally for real!

Today the leak regarding the XCOM shooter’s transition to The Bureau was confirmed, although the game will still sling the XCOM name as a byline. The game’s ultra-secretive development comes to light, putting you in charge of an ultra-secretive development within the government responsible for taking out strange alien threats. Also, there’s a new trailer!

Due out August 20th, The Bureau apparently hinges on secrecy, rather than saving the world, as it explains the definity of the XCOM project. The game will be a fast-paced third-person shooter in which bringing up that abilities flywheel won’t pause the game, so you’ll need to be on top of things. What happened in 1962? We hope to get a glimpse at E3 ahead of its release on August 20th.

Source: Polygon

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