This Handmade Version Of Fallout Monopoly Is Pretty Rad

Posted by on April 11, 2013 at 11:04 am
Pretty slick!

Pretty slick!

Fallout is one of my favorite role-playing game series, Monopoly is my favorite board game. Put them together and change up the rules a bit and what do you get? This lovely custom version of Fallout Monopoly that a man spent eight months building for his wife.

This special version of the game, as described, is “based on Monopoly, but aside from purchasing properties, collecting rent, and a few other things, the mechanics of the game are completely different.” While no detials were apparent from the gallery, this version includes the game’s iconic perks, which grant you extra bonuses as you go along, such as collecting extra caps when you pass G.O.A.T., this game’s equivalent to GO. Speaking of caps, Fallout‘s main currency, the creator produced an extraordinary amount of professionally-made bottle caps for the game. From the game board to the character pieces, this version enlists Fallout‘s post-apocalyptic art deco looks throughout and wins Kudos for the effort.

While this is a one-of-a-kind affair, so don’t expect Hasbro to go adopting this set any time soon, but this is so well done that it hurts to even dream about it.

Source: Imgur via Fallout

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