Dear Over-Qualified ‘Halo 4’ Contractor, Stop Complaining About Grunt Work

Posted by on May 31, 2013 at 4:05 pm
A new trilogy, a new enemy, plenty of old enemies, too.

QA people unite! Destroy the orb that holds you back!

Dear Nathan (RC) Peters,

I read your op-ed over at Kotaku this morning and I was intrigued. I don’t care much for The Trenches as a comic, but the anecdotes they feature from current and former QA staffers are incredibly interesting; I even know a few. I just have a passion about the adventures of the line-level jockey. That I love games helps things. People are calling you out for your editorial, which amounts to it being little more than sour grapes, but let’s face it: they’re right. There’s simply nothing tragic about your story. Take it from me.

You see, I’m not particularly good at anything. I’m a jack of all trades. That means it’s hard for me to prove to anyone that anything I know or dois worth anything because I can be bested on virtually every single front by a specialist. It sucks. I think I could be a millionaire some day, y’know? Live the American dream, do the things I want to do? Set an example? Prove that my time on this planet had an impact? I know I’m being morbid, but you highlight a career in audio/music production requiring a set of skills one does not simply attain, you must already have. You explain your success with it, what little you had financially, and selling all of the equipment you needed to make those dreams coalesce. Well, then the dream fell apart and you were down in the dumps and et cetera.

I know how this story goes: what seemed like a garden of heavenly delights being able to play video games all day turned sour as the low hourly pay couldn’t compensate for your unfulfilled ambition to climb the ranks or the company’s lack of personal investment in you as an employee. Trust me, I get all that. I smoldered for twelve years working customer service because I had nowhere to go but straight ahead, paycheck to paycheck.

But you and I realize the bottom line: a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. You gotta make those dollars. Your experience feeling underappreciated and undervalued is nothing new, but at least you were playing video games. You weren’t answering to why you didn’t have a particular game in stock or why a customer will need to wait three days to get internet back. You call for a revolution, but the world isn’t listening and, honestly, can’t afford it. When people get bourqeios pay for grunt work, industries will crumble at their foundations and nothing will happen. Nothing’s going to change that. In fact, getting out of grunt work reminds us why grunt work is grunt work.

Well, anyway, best of luck on your next adventure, but you’re completely wrong.

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