‘ Elder Scrolls Online’ Is Finally First-Person, But It Won’t Be ‘Skyrim’

Posted by on May 30, 2013 at 2:02 pm
Lockpicking! Now in first-person!

Lockpicking! Now in first-person!

What happens when you make an MMORPG that takes up the mantle of the third-person perspective in a series that’s known for being first-person? Well, eventually, you change it. In the case of The Elder Scrolls Online, you’ll now be able to play the game from the series’ standard perspective.

While we’re still waiting for the beta to roll out, it doesn’t take much to realize that a first-person Elder Scrolls MMO is going to play quite a bit differently than a standard Elder Scrolls game. Like any MMO, you’re gonna have a lot more combat and you’re going to lose a lot of that stealth gameplay that people like myself kinda rely on. You’ll no doubt lose a bit of the organic wander-the-world feel of the base games in favor of more fenced off quest areas and loot drops.

I’m being harsh since I’ve obviously never played it, but playing World of Warcraft in a first-person perspective didn’t change the gameplay any (and it was super weird). once we can let you know, we’ll let you know!

Source: Kotaku

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