Lucid Games Teases Us With ‘Project Gotham Racing 5’ Unveil For Next Xbox

Posted by on May 6, 2013 at 8:33 am
This, but nine years later.

This, but nine years later.

Has it been over a month and a half since some forum research lead us to believe that Lucid Games was working on a Project Gotham Racing game for the next Xbox? It sure has! Now the studio is stating that they have a ‘mid-May’ announcement to make and there’s only one possible thing it could be or the world will self-destruct.

As previously reported, Lucid has soaked up many of England’s available racing game talent from a variety of other very-qualified developers like Codemasters, the late Bizarre Creations and more. The last time we saw such a wonderful team assemble was for Playground Games who made Forza Horizon, my favorite game of last year. Has there been a distinct lack of city-based racing lately? Oh my, has there ever been! I have no doubt we’ll see what comes when the next Xbox is unveiled in two weeks.

Source: Lucid Games (Facebook) via Joystiq

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