‘Minecraft’ Meets Oculus Rift With This New VR Mod

Posted by on May 8, 2013 at 5:44 pm
Hoo boy!

Hoo boy!

Let’s take my favorite future peripheral with my favorite game of the past decade and put them together, shall we? Make matches? The marriage of these two is something I dream of. To build a world and then wander around in it as if you were really there. Minecraft already does terrible things to my time when I’m in the mood and I can’t imagine things getting any better when Mojang decides to induct this into their game proper.

While this is a mere mod at the moment – the Minecrift Mod for those googling – it seems to be very functional. Watching Vaecon describe the sensation is like someone describing first-time hallucinogenic drug use. Most notably, at two blocks high, he explains how small he feels, which is something I never quite imagined before. When you’re building the stuff, you kinda mentally manage the proportions, but when it gets too high, it sounds overwhelming. I imagine building taller structures, like the ones in our server, are going to be a very interesting exercise.

Source: Polygon

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