The Stinky Footboard For PC Gamers Is Real; Wait, What?

Posted by on May 3, 2013 at 10:42 am
It doesn't look very stinky?

It doesn’t look very stinky?

One of the coolest aspects of PC gaming is that you can kinda do anything you want on the platform. Before games got mouselook working proper, a joystick was still a fixture on three desks in my house. Take crazy peripherals and add in some crowd-funding and what do you get? Something like the Stinky Footboard, of course.

So what is it? It’s a footboard, obviously. When you plug it into your PC, it’ll see it as a keyboard and you can map each of the Stinky’s four (customizably) spring-boarded boxes to suit whatever functionality you want. Far more functional than a Rock Band foot pedal, you could map all of your DOTA 2 abilities to your foot. That’s crazy! What if you mapped your jump button to it? That’s also madness! It’s not that I don’t play PC games, because I definitely do, but if I had a single game I played often so I wasn’t constantly setting up new profiles, I’d be totally into this.

Stinky just completed their successful Kickstarter and boards will start shipping soon.

Source: Kickstarter via TechCrunch

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