‘Wizardry’ And ‘Mortal Kombat’ To Release Digitally: “Hello, Old Friends!” And “Why Are You Still Here?”

Posted by on May 23, 2013 at 6:00 am
Wizardry? OHAI!

Wizardry? OHAI!

Today we got a couple of interesting press releases. One of them got me really excited because it takes me back to younger days when gaming was on the rise and new developers were pulling out all the stops in attempts to constantly one-up each other. The other was really interesting because it gave me the same sense of morbid fixation one gets whilst watching crash tests at the end of a night of binge drinking and serial fornication.

Gosh, I love those crash test videos!

Here’s the deal, we’ve got Wizardry 6, 7 and 8 coming out on GOG. This is an amazing thing. These old school RPGs never get old and there’s nothing like sitting down with one of the classics and letting go of the world while you run around doing missions and laughing your head off while you dispatch bad guy after bad guy, becoming more and more powerful.

I remember playing the Wizardry series back in the day and loving it so I’m looking forward to getting my hands on this DRM-free copy from GOG and getting my wizard on!

On the other side of the press release coin, we’ve got the Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition coming (koming?) this summer. This edition will include (inklude?) all of the DLC (DLK? …OK that’s enough of dragging that joke out) and will include extra warriors including Freddie Krueger. Unfortunately, this one got old nearly a couple of decades ago.

Sure it was fun playing the original MK in the arcade. Sure it was fun watching the debates rage on about inappropriate content in the games. Sure it was fun watching the original Mortal Kombat movie in the theater and then getting chased by a tornado on the way home. We used to sit outside in my car port with the SNES hooked up to a TV, punch the old blood code in (ABACABB) and wear each other out for hours… when I was 20.

Since then, the idea of fighting games has just gone over the hill and with this franchise ever so occasionally poking its head just above water and gasping for a few last breaths before it heads on down to Davey Jones’ locker, that morbid fixation is starting to set in as I watch Mortal Kombat careen into a concrete pillar at 50 miles per hour. Or is that “koncrete pillar”?

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