Worth Buying Again: ‘Alan Wake’ Humble Bundle Is Up!

Posted by on May 22, 2013 at 4:51 pm
Eh, so maybe the game part isn't terribly fun, but name your own price? Worth it!

Eh, so maybe the game part isn’t terribly fun, but name your own price? Worth it!

The gods are shining down on Remedy this week. After a big unveiling of their newest game during Microsoft’s Xbox One conference, Quantum Break, the legendary bullet-friendly developer is now presenting their entire Alan Wake anthology for whatever amount you want to pay for it. Sam Lake, the company’s creative director, also gives us a heads up on where the franchise is going. Spoilers: nowhere any time soon.

I was deeply in like with Alan Wake when it landed three years ago as an under-promoted and super quirky Twin Peaks-inspired action-adventure. The story kept me going and going, despite the tragically under-cooked gameplay. I’m serious: the story alone is completely worth it and the presentation is nearly flawless. It’s just… playing the game. Of course, at a price you can call your own, I see no issue with giving the game another try on my PC. Not only do you get the base game, but you get its quasi-sequel American Nightmare as well on top of a bunch of bonus material and soundtracks. Word.

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