5 Things That Won’t Be Revealed At E3

Posted by on June 4, 2013 at 12:01 pm
There's plenty to see at the big show, but plenty you won't...

There’s plenty to see at the big show, but plenty you won’t see…

We’re less than a week out from E3 and lots of rampant speculation has shot out amongst the crowds as to what we’ll see when the conferences begin on Monday morning. There’ll be plenty of information to sift through (and we’ll be helping!), but there will definitely be things we won’t be seeing, so don’t hold your breath. Here are six of those things.

Retail Pricing/Availability For Xbox One/PS4

Believe it or not, you won’t be hearing any announcement of five hundred and ninety-nine US Dollars or Core-slash-Pro system configurations at the show for Microsoft’s Xbox One or Sony’s PlayStation 4. Sure, small details like pack-in titles or “how many SKUs” may leak out in small interviews, but we won’t know what these boxes will cost and what form they’ll take until we’re much closer to their November launches, the specific day to remain unknown.

A Killer App For Wii U

Nintendo still has a shot, however long, to be relevant in this new generation of consoles, but aside from a mid-cycle refresh, odds are looking dim that anyone’s going to think of their console when next-gen visuals come torrenting down the pipes. Neither game nor peripheral will be shown off to entice people to swarm to their local retailer to pick up a Wii U. Does Nintendo seem dead in the water? Yep. E3 will provide no relief for the Mario maker.

Big Oculus Rift Revelation

Oculus Rift is getting bigger and bigger, but E3 is a time for the small company to take a breather and for developers to show off their wares. We may see a major title, perhaps unannounced, state native Oculus Rift support, but with the hardware still so early, don’t expect anything particularly groundbreaking or exciting, especially console support for next-gen platforms. Nope. No dice.


Yeah, Spielberg got on stage (kinda) during the Xbox One announcement to unveil the Halo TV series. Today, they unveiled a Windows 8/Windows Phone 8 top-down shooter called Spartan Assault, but these are early days for 343 and Microsoft as most Halo goodness will be wrapped into Halo 5‘s inevitable 2015 release. No, there won’t be a tease, either.

Indie Backlash

With all the chips on the table, the backlash we heard after the Xbox One announcement simply won’t exist. Indie developers might not necessarily agree with certain terms of how Sony or Microsoft will be handling their indie developers (yes, there may be a catch with Sony we don’t know about!), but there’ll be more teeth gnashing than destructive declarations. Ultimately, the Xbox One may become the biggest platform for independent developers once more.

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