5 Things Vanilla Minecraft Needs To Have

Posted by on June 4, 2013 at 8:34 pm
You can't tell the image quality because it's already 8bit, hahaha!

You can’t tell the image quality because it’s already 8bit, hahaha!

Minecraft vanilla is great and all, but it’s missing some things that should be core features and honestly don’t understand why they aren’t. Everything I’m about to talk about can be achieved with mods, but I shouldn’t have to be a server administrator to run a multiplayer server or pay high fees to run a Minecraft server.

Web Administration

Command line is nice and all, but I’m a visual person. I want to see charts and reports all in one place. We currently use McMyAdmin which is awesome because it has a console screen, shows how many people are on the server, charts out server and RAM usage as well as lets me change properties and restart the server. I don’t know why this wasn’t one of the first things included in Survival multiplayer.

Plugin API and Repository

This should’ve been the first thing created, along with multiplayer. Guidelines and standards with a single place to host and support all mods. Right now, things are spread out; Bukkit has its own plugins and you can find misc plugins over here and there. You don’t really know what you are running and how well it was coded until your system starts crashing.

Extended Permissions and Custom Groups

With vanilla Minecraft as it stands, you have players and Ops. This isn’t good enough. We need to be able to create groups or give individual permissions without the use of plugins. These permissions need to be extended to control all aspects of the game like other permissions plugins currently do.

Industrial Craft

After a while, you come to a point in vanilla where you’ve done everything you possible can do and end up collecting and storing ores, eventually creating solid gold block walls because you can’t admire your hard work if it’s tucked away in chests. That’s why Mojang needs to hire the people who built Industrial craft and absorb it into vanilla. I am constantly running out of resources because you can build an infinite number of complex things in this mod.


Same as above, Mojang, hire these people and get this into vanilla. We need a balance of paths you can take in Minecraft and the ability to become a master of everything. Magic and machines are an awesome combination that we need to see in vanilla!

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