E3 2013: ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’ Eyes-On

Posted by on June 11, 2013 at 4:15 pm
That dog is a killer.

That dog is a killer.

Call of Duty: Ghosts was one of the games shown at Microsoft’s Xbox One unveiling where they talked about the new tech. The new tech including fish having their own AI and a tactical dog were quickly mocked online. Jumping into the theater to see gameplay of Call of Duty: Ghosts set a different perspective to me.

They didn’t talk about about fish AI but they did show us a tech demo. The tech demo was nice to see showcasing the way the terrain would come to life in real-time. The example they showed was something that you see a lot in games, the texture being 3D but when you go up to it, it’s just a flat image. In Ghosts that will change and it looks good. Another thing they showed were the lighting is more realistic with the example of showing how you get used to the dark and when you go out into the light you are temporarily blinded. This happens to me everytime I drive through a tunnel during the day. Last thing they showed was “sub-d,” where the polygons would constantly subdivide the closer you got, the big example was that the scope was perfectly round when you held it up to look through.

On to the actual gameplay demo. You start off on your tablet watching through your companion dog’s camera. The dog lunges at an enemy and rips their throat out while you take out the other enemy. I didn’t realize that the dog would be controllable by you while playing. The way they sold being able to control the dog is that you see through the camera, vibrators in the collar tell the dog which way to go and there is an earpiece in the dogs ear where you whisper instructions like attacking and what not.

They also demoed a full water mission which was ok, I feel so weird seeing linear gameplay in something as open as the ocean, but they were able to pull it off with strategically placed corridors that you would swim through. The biggest surprise was the dog. I mean we seriously hear so much about the dog but didn’t really see what you could do it with it until now.

I also want to note the theater it was shown it had very comfortable seats and was air-conditioned. They had to restart the demo on backup hardware because their main systems was experiencing very noticeable frame rate drops. No word on what they were using to demo the software but it was a bit awkward.

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