E3 2013: Microsoft, Why Are You Making It So Difficult To Be An Xbox Fanboy?

Posted by on June 14, 2013 at 12:12 am
This is all Don Mattrick's fault.

This is all Don Mattrick’s fault.

Microsoft, I’ve been an Xbox fan since you were still calling it the X-Box. Back when your best games still had “Madness” at the end. Back when Bill Gates was still CEO. I’m a fanboy, but I’m losing my faith and you’re not giving me much to run on. You’ve turned from the scrappy underdog to the ivory tower idealist who makes the worst possible assumptions of your potential customers. It’s a fate I never thought I’d see, especially as Sony grew more arrogant with their consoles in the past decade, but it has come true. Your sins are all in your message and it’s full of holes; an unworthy vessel against Sony, who is now gunning to destroy you. Here’s how you can make me believe.


1. Show Me Why Your Console Is $100 More

As I argued in a recent podcast, I can see what your long-term plans are, even if you’re not willing to explain them. Requiring persistent online communication encourages developers to make cloud-powered components for their games and the mandatory Kinect encourages Kinect adoption. Unfortunately, you didn’t explain either. Not even slightly. I need this, your customers need this.

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