E3 2013: ‘Wolfenstein: The New Order’ Paints A Pretty Picture, Isn’t Fun To Play Yet

Posted by on June 11, 2013 at 11:50 pm
Mechanical Monsters, Nazis and not a lot of fun yet.

Mechanical Monsters, Nazis and not a lot of fun yet.

We got some hands-on/eyes-on time with Bethesda’s new Nazi blaster Wolfenstein: The New Order. The development team, comprised of ex-Starbreeze vets, is creating a new Wolfenstein based in 1960 in which the Nazis won WWII with the help of some mysterious tech. Unfortunately, it seems that despite the polish displayed in their theater presentation, the gameplay simply isn’t ready yet.

“Beauty and…” By N

It took a bit of finagling to get into Bethesda’s presentations at all because the LACC wasn’t interested in letting more than 20 people in at a time when 40,000 are waiting to get in, but what they showed off was pretty glossy.

The first area they showed us was on a train. You’re holding a tray in the dining car about to meet with your cute companion Anya, when a hulking robot stops you. An Oberfrau beckons you to her table and initiates a purity test by placing a pistol on the table and guaranteeing your death if you can’t make it through her multiple-choice picture exam. Her Austrian Ken doll giggles. You choose between a skull and a spider and it concludes when she says you would’ve grabbed the gun, which the demo-er almost did, and known you weren’t a pure Aryan. You get by to the sleeping car where Anya notifies you there’s only one bed and as if you’re comfortable with sharing. Fade to black.

The next section was a more straight-forward, blam blam affair, placing you in the wreckage of a supply train bombing on a bridge. You’re jumping through wreckage, cutting through stuff with a laser, which isn’t quite complete: you can draw a circle on the metal mesh of any size and still get through just fine. Wolfenstein actually looks really good, a lot like Rage, which makes a lot of sense since they both utilize id Tech 5. You’ll also be able to melt holes through (very) specific hatches and destroy objects like crates chunk by chunk.

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