Omni 360-Degree Treadmill Is The Ultimate Oculus Rift Accessory

Posted by on June 5, 2013 at 3:50 pm
It's a Kickstarter product for your Kickstarted product.

It’s a Kickstarter product for your Kickstarted product.

I honestly didn’t know that omni-directional treadmills existed until just a few weeks ago, but seeing one in motion, they seem like a necessary component of any Oculus Rift/virtual reality experience. Who wants to be in a virtual world when all of your movement is restricted to moving a joystick on a controller or a mouse? Enter the Omni: a Kickstarter campaign for such a thing that has no moving parts. So, naturally, it would hit its Kickstarter goal in 3.5 hours.

Now, for the bigger gamers in the group, you’ve got to be less than 285 pounds, but if you can get down to that, I imagine an all-day Team Fortress 2 sesh will either kill you or make you the leanest person in the world. The success of the Omni seems like some crowd-sourced foresight considering the Oculus Rift is still months away from a retail release. It looks like they’ve still got some hardware left for backers, so if you want one of the first units, get on it!

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