‘Star Citizen’ Creator Chris Roberts Joins Us For An Interview

Posted by on June 19, 2013 at 3:22 pm

We start off with a bit of light-hearted banter about the situation with the Microsoft and their Xbox One DRM situation (which just changed course!), which leads me to ask what he thought about the downward spiral of game developers not caring about gamers, which I think is a huge problem that needs to be addressed.

Chris talks about feeling disenfranchised by the gaming industry and then we move on to talking about Kickstarter projects and whether they are being abused by some people. Chris gives us his take on the Kickstarter community and then we move on to talking about Star Citizen and Cloud Imperium Games. Then we talk about:

  • First, I ask about the motion capture studio which CIG will be building. Chris talks about the progress on that and then my phone farts…because I was a moron and forgot to set it to silent.
  • Moving on, we talk about Star Citizen in earnest. We discuss crowd funding, subscriptions (or lack thereof), big investors and selling companies, and then hit a nice Q&A about the features which will be included in the game.
  • I ask about planetary combat and get a surprising answer regarding player’s ability to do ground combat on planets and the future of the first-person shooter elements of Star Citizen.
  • We talk about multi-person ships and the advantages of flying them with multiple players and how CIG wants to provide fun times for everything from the single player to the small group to the massive clan.
  • Also…A BIG clue on when the dogfighting alpha will be available.
  • Moving on, we talk about player owned star bases or space stations and the information Chris gives here is very exciting. I’m starting to get really really antsy now!
  • We spend some time talking about moving around inside of ships, laying down in bed, making coffee, and Chris makes a reference to DayZ, which makes me hopeful that the FPS combat will be more like ARMA and less like COD (he does previously comment on that as well)
  • Then: combat, bounties, crime, law and order, the Bengal carrier and it’s 755 man crew, forming battle groups with multiple capital ships, shuttles, marine assault squads, ship captures, whether or not big ships stay in the world when you log out and tons more.

Check out the video and hear all of the questions and answers!

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