‘ARMA 3’ Wasteland Servers – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Posted by on July 3, 2013 at 11:23 pm
Post Apocalyptic Livin' At Its Finest!

Post Apocalyptic Livin’ At Its Finest!

One of the most popular play modes in ARMA 2 was Wasteland. In this game mode, players are cast into a post-apocalyptic world (the kind of apocalypse is unclear) where they vie for resources and territory as survivors. There are three teams: OpFor, BluFor and Independent and the teams kill each other (and sometimes themselves) any time they come into contact with one another.

Now it’s available for ARMA 3.

Wasteland is now actually available in three flavors. There is the version from 404, a version called “GoT” and a version from Sa-Matra. I have played all three of these and I’m going to tell you which one is good, which one is bad, and which one is uglier than a triple in-bred ginger after a baseball bat to the teeth.

The Good:

Sa-Matra (

This one is by far the most like the original Wasteland mod. Granted, it’s on the island of Stratis, but it’s solid and allows you to do all of the things you could do in the original Wasteland (as far as I can tell). It is fast, stable and tons of fun. The Sons of Odin and I were rocking out on one last night and it was the most fun I’ve had in ARMA so far.

The Bad:

GoT Wasteland

Every server I have been on running this mod has been slow and clunky. They are also buggy and half of the things I think I should be able to do (read: all of the things I could do in the old Wasteland) I’m not able to. All of the people I’ve played with on these servers report lots of update lag and overall, the experience is just not good.

The Ugly:

404’s own.

404 is the company that invented Wasteland in ARMA 2. Without them, Wasteland would not be. So why is it they’ve dropped the ball so badly in ARMA 3? I don’t know, but I’ve yet to see one that works right. I got a copy and set it up locally and it wouldn’t even spawn vehicles. Not good, 404…

So if you’re looking for a Wasteland server, hop on to one of the ones by Sa-Matra and you won’t be disappointed! See you there!

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