Ron Paul For President, Because Why Not?

Posted by on December 29, 2011 at 4:58 pm

(DISCLAIMER: This is not an endorsement of Ron Paul for President by FleshEatingZipper.)

Next year we all roll into the voting booths to mark our ballots for the middle-of-the-road Presidential candidate that will hopefully fulfill the most of their promises, but in reality, will hopefully just disappoint us the least. As a conservative, Libertarian-leaning voter, there was no possible way I could’ve possibly won. And while the Obama hype machine won over hearts in minds in a relative landslide (two points in either direction of split-even is basically a political earthquake), he’s disappointed his own party by not fulfilling the obligations he was elected on (which is fine by me), making the hype machine that got him elected look more superficial than ever before. “Oh, it’s a difficult time,” my butt. W. Bush did a lot of crazy stuff in a post-9/11 world, but he was committed to action, however controversial. Obama is just sitting there moaning about GOP resistance when his party had been in charge of the White House and Congress and accomplished little anyway.

The only hope against the continuing mediocrity of Obama’s administration? The crazy Ron Paul, of course.

It’s unfortunate that there hasn’t been a strong GOP candidate for Obama to run against. One player will get popular for a brief period, then fumble and the next one will roll up. We’ve cycled through all of them at this point and none of them look good. Except Ron Paul, a polarizing Libertarian candidate from Texas, who has been consistently gone up in the polls as others have rollercoasted around him. Unfortunately, he’s unelectable. He’s just too crazy. It would simply make too much sense to make him a chief executive. Here’s the breakdown:

Why He Should Be President

  • Paul has it out for financial institutions and the bad sectors of our capitalistic society. He wants to audit the Fed and has been consistent in his attitude toward them and how money is handled in our country.
  • He’s got it out for government, period. As a Libertarian running as a GOP candidate, he’s all for dismantling much of the bloat that is the federal government and turning it back to the people to screw up on their own. Or win on their own. It’s just the Libertarian way.
  • He’s consistent. Dude doesn’t flip-flop on issues and this goes back forty years.
  • His popularity’s on the rise. He didn’t get a fair shake in 2008, but his followers look ready to devote that much time and money to bring him into the big leagues this time around.
  • There really are no better candidates. There aren’t. Serious.
  • He’s for the dismantling of America’s War on Drugs, which is the modern equivalent of Prohibition. Think what you will of marijuana and other drugs of its ilk, but throwing millions of people into jail for non-violent, drug-related crimes is not only expensive, but maintains an illegal system of drug growing and transport that has allowed violent cartels to exist in Mexico and other Latin American countries. Again, it would simply make too much sense to end it.

Why He’s Unelectable

  • The media won’t give him the light of day. While the news media (except Fox News, natch) will give President Obama the stage whenever he wants it, Ron Paul is merely a troll running on the GOP ticket. Fox News won’t even give him the light of day because they know he’s unelectable.
  • Dude is crazy. I don’t know how the Illuminati and Libertarianism wound up together, but he has written sprawls about secret societies and other hyperbolic dangers to our country involving our financial system and how money will destroy us. Seriously, just read his stuff.
  • His followers are crazy. While President Obama had Hollywood celebrities to support him, Paul’s are more earth-y fellows who are empowered now that there aren’t any decent (much less, popular) candidates for the GOP nom.

At the end of the day, the idea of a crazy passionate President couldn’t really be any worse than the run-of-the-mill candidates that we’ve gotten over the past forever. If Ron ends up as the GOP’s pick next year, he’ll have my vote.

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