SOPA / PIPA – Who Is Supporting This Crap?

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We all know that SOPA and PIPA (The Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect Intellectual Property Act, respectively) are big topics today. Millions of people around the world are watching the situation, waiting to see what is going to happen over the coming months.

A number of groups and companies, large and small, have come out both in support of and against these acts but in many cases it is difficult to know who takes what stance, based on individual affiliations with various groups, such as the ESA, BSA, RIAA, etc.

Fortunately for us, the folks over at RockPaperShotgun have compiled a list of the who’s who in gaming and their individual stances on SOPA / PIPA, so long as those companies have taken a stance.

Read on for more.

We here at FleshEatingZipper have made our stance very clear. We are against piracy in any form. We are also firmly against SOPA, PIPA or any other form of legislation which deprives any person, anywhere, of the right to free speech, free expression or due process under law. SOPA and PIPA do just that, and it is already happening.

We are so against these draconian laws that we will be joining the blackout on January 18th, along with many others. We encourage EVERYONE out there to do the same.

So, back to the point. RPS put together this list of companies. And the internet saw that the list was good. And the list spread across the interwebs. Mostly through people like us helping to get the word out.

So here’s the most current version of that list. Note that we will not be updating it but you are encouraged to check it out on RPS for updates. You’re also encouraged to boycott the hell out of any companies who support SOPA / PIPA, until they scream and beg for mercy.

Here’s a guide to ESA members and their current positions on the Stop Online Piracy Act. RPS has called for all members to publicly denounce the dangerous and censorious bill. If we know a company’s position, we’ll state it below. If we’re waiting to hear back from them, you’ll see just “Contacted”.

Here goes:

38 Studios

Against. Rather quietly in a comment on Facebook, they have expressed they are not in favour of the current version of the Bill.

345 Games

Contacted. However, they are owned by Viacom, who have publicly supported the Act.

505 Games


Capcom USA, Inc.

Undeclared. According to Digital Trends, Capcom told them that they support SOPA. However, since then Capcom have issued a statement explaining the rather woolly position that the ESA represents them, but they don’t have a position themselves. I’m pretty sure that’s meant to work the other way around. They also get very pissy that people interpreted their saying that the ESA represents them as meaning they agree with the ESA stance, calling it “bad journalism”. Think they might want to turn that pissy attitude inward there, and think a bit more carefully. And have the balls to say what they think as a company. Because statements like this:

“At Capcom, we’re game makers, not legislators. We do not have an internal stance on this particular issue and are not planning to. We’ll get back to making games. Thanks.”

are “bad games publishing”.

Deep Silver


Disney Interactive Studios, Inc.

Contacted. However, Disney Publishing Worldwide, Inc. is listed in favour of the bill, as is their television arm, ABC.

Eidos Interactive

See Square Enix

Electronic Arts

Undeclared. Currently they are not actively supporting the bill, but after a few websites got themselves a bit confused over this, it’s not clear if they’ve specifically come out against it.

We’ve also received a tip from that tells us EA have said,

“there is no political comment on the part of EA (neither one way or the other).”

So yet another company not willing to take a stand, either way.

Epic Games, Inc.

Against. They posted on their forum on the 4th Jan to make it clear they do not support the Act in its current form.

Her Interactive, Inc.


Ignition Entertainment


Konami Digital Entertainment


LEVEL-5 Inc.


Microsoft Corporation

Contacted. But a confusing one. As a member of the ESA they’re de facto supporting it, but as a member of the BSA they’re automatically against it. Erk.

Namco Bandai Games America Inc.


Natsume Inc.


Nexon America, Inc.

Undeclared. Nexon got back to us to say, “At this point, we are not taking a public position this issue.”

Nintendo of America Inc.

Extremely difficult to contact. Caught up in the same confusion as EA, Sony, et al, they never did support the bill, but aren’t listed as currently supporting.


Against. Nival have gotten back to us with a statement explaining that they do not support the SOPA, and saying they’ve contacted the ESA to inform them too.

“Nival does not support SOPA, despite a deep understanding of the struggle against piracy in the games industry. Unfortunately, SOPA could do more harm to Internet freedom than good to fight piracy. We recognize the issues our partners in the online press have with this legislation. We will continue to be anti-piracy but are also anti-SOPA.”



O-Games, Inc.


Perfect World Entertainment


SEGA of America, Inc.




Sony Computer Entertainment America

See Sony Online Entertainment, Inc.

Sony Online Entertainment, Inc.

Contacted. Sony are in an odd position, where Sony/ATV Music Publishing, Sony Music Entertainment, and Sony Music Nashville are all listed as in support of the bill, while SOE and SCAE are not.

Square Enix, Inc.


Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.

Contacted. Possibly against. We’ve had an insider at 2K tip us off that Take-Two’s VP, Alan Lewis, could be against SOPA. Nothing concrete though.

Tecmo Koei America Corporation


THQ, Inc.

Undeclared. THQ got in touch to say they “don’t have an individual statement on this”, but encourage us to pursue a statement from the ESA. We are, of course.

Trion Worlds, Inc.

Against. Scott Hartsmann posted to the Trion forums saying,

“Hi, folks – Extremely quick reply since I’m out on vacation: We definitely do not support SOPA.

We’ll be calling the ESA about this after the holiday weekend.”

Thanks Ten Ton Hammer.

Ubisoft Entertainment, Inc.


Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Inc.

In the process of contacting. Although it’s worth noting that Warner Music Group and Warner Music Nashville are listed supporting the bill, and that overall owners, Time Warner, are one of the big funders here.



So we have a few who openly support censorship and unconstitutional violations of our rights and some who don’t. Support those who don’t. For those who DO, aim the shit-cannons directly at their faces and fire at will.

Source: RockPaperShotgun

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