What Can UPS Technology Do For Your Business – Sell Out Spotlight

Posted by on January 25, 2012 at 4:30 pm

At FleshEatingZipper we want to get you to the content and not to pages filled with pop-ups and ad links injected in text. In order to do that we show some love to our sponsors every once in a while. This is that time and if you are a business owner you should definitely be paying attention.

Chris Martin, the great-great-great grandson of the founder of Martin Guitar, thinks that the hand is the perfect tool. But he takes advantage of all sorts of other tools, as well. “We use the most advanced technology available to us. Some of that comes from UPS.”

UPS technology helps Martin Guitar manage and see what’s in-coming and out-going. The company has a complex and global supply chain, with a worldwide distribution network. Solutions like UPS Quantum View help Martin Guitar keep on top of everything.

Here at FleshEatingZipper we use UPS whenever possible and we also support our local UPS Store by renting a box from them. You would know this if you were a stalker, we all work different hours and work remotely. One day we shall have an magnificent office for you to come stalk us at, this is your invitation for the future! But just remind us we said this and we wont have our bodyguards throw you out when you ask for weird things like a strand of Keith’s hair!

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