I Am An Adult Fan Of LEGO (AFOL) And I Love It.

Posted by on February 15, 2012 at 8:53 am

I didn’t realize until I started paying attention to Tested more that maybe, just maybe, grown-ass men seeking out LEGO sets seems pretty man-childish. Wandering around a LEGO Store and picking out individual 50-piece sets might just seem a little weird to some. But why? I love LEGOs, you should, too!

I got plenty of toys growing up, but LEGOs were always the best. They’re utilitarian and versatile. You buy a set and then rip it apart when you’re bored staring at it and mix it up with all the other ones you’ve disassembled over the years. Whether individually in buckets full of bricks, making everything from USS Enterprise replicas to pyramids, bases, flying contraptions, fighters, and communities full of mini-figs.

While the popular LEGO-themed video games over the years were charming at first, then eventually mundane, the Danish bricks have remained so popular because of their quality and their trendiness. The very low tolerance for compatibility means that bricks have to be machined precisely, snapping together perfectly (in fact, maybe a little too perfectly when some are misapplied). LEGO also creates whole new themed sets for new properties like Harry Potter, and to my enjoyment, Star Wars. My dad actually glued together two 2×4 plate pieces to create homemade TIE Fighters over twenty years ago when you can buy them in an officially-sanctioned kit today. Sure, it saps a bit of the imagination, but then you can take all the special pieces that comprise those and merge them with other, less special bricks.

I’m past the ‘break it down and toss it with the rest’ stage of my LEGO life, preferring to just present the finished kits (one day you will be mine, Executor) but the more LEGO changes, the more it stays the same. When I’m rich, I’m just going to buy a ton of LEGO sets and vanish for a week and document my decent into madness.

…or ascent into greatness.

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