Ritz Crackerfuls – The Legend of Rick Hunger

Posted by on May 9, 2012 at 3:06 pm

It’s after lunch but it’s not quite time to go home and your stomach is grumbling. You can’t get any work done when your stomach is grumbling. All you’re thinking about is your stomach grumbling and how to tide your self over.

You’re searching through your desk looking for a snack. Erasers, pens, pencils, thumbtacks, sticky notes. Jackpot, gum! But it’s really old and breaks in half as you try to bend it. There’s always the snack machine, right?

Look at you, you’re eating celery (you can obviously tell we don’t have a snack machine in our office but we assume they are filled with health food). It’s crunchy, but bland. It taste exactly like crunchy water and I don’t mean ice (ice tastes way better). If only you were prepared you could have had a tasty Ritz Crackerful; cheddar, peanut butter, four cheese, peanut butter and chocolate or even vegetable.

Thankfully the day is almost over, time to head to the store and pick yourself up some Ritz Crackerfuls to keep at work. You never know when Rick Hunger is going to strike! Muhahaha hahahaha!

Watch the video below to study your hunger enemy, Rick Hunger! Thanks for taking the time to support our sponsor and keep FleshEatingZipper running!

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