Happy Independence Day, America – From The Staff At FEZ, To Your Hearts

Posted by on July 4, 2012 at 2:31 pm

Fireworks – The Hallmark of America’s National Holiday

As we move further in to the day which will always remain as America’s National Holiday – Its “birthday”, of sorts – We here at FleshEatingZipper would like to say “Happy Independence Day” to America, and “Thank you!” to all of those who, throughout the years, have served to keep America – and other countries – free.

It sometimes feels to me as if we have nearly forgotten what this day celebrates. Sure, we all know that the 4th day of July is the date on which the Declaration of Independence was approved by congress, after debating it and doing a number of revisions but it is also a day to celebrate the sacrifices which were made by the men and women of the original thirteen colonies of the United States, and their reasons for doing so.

We’re great friends with the United Kingdom now but back then, we were bitter rivals, them wanting to expand their Kingdom into the “New World”, us wanting to be free from oppression, dreary weather, haggis, and silly words like “aluminium” and “buggery”.

All joking aside, though, the fourth is a celebration of life, liberty, and freedom, whether the celebrants appreciate those things or not and we here at FEZ would like to invite all of you – from America and other places around the world – celebrate with us. Take a moment out of your day to celebrate the things which we feel should matter most to everyone; Living and being free and happy and prosperous.

And if you are living free, take a moment to thank a service man or woman – past or present, alive or dead – for the sacrifices they have made to help keep us all free. Without them, we’d surely live in a very different world.

Also, don’t be moron. Drink responsibly and never, ever drive drunk. The life you save could be your own.




(For the record, I know aluminum didn’t exist back then. It was a joke. Don’t judge me.)

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