Shut Up And Take My Money: LEGO Introduces Ultimate Collectors Series Star Wars B-Wing

Posted by on July 6, 2012 at 9:35 pm

“Yeh, the LEGO ve produce is so… how do you zay… zexy?”

When we were at Phoenix Comicon last year, one of the most interesting things I saw was a booth where a fully-constructed 3,000+ piece LEGO Millennium Falcon, then the largest set they’d ever sold, sat alone on a table. Oh, the people that ran the booth weren’t selling anything, it was just there. The idea of celebrating a LEGO Star Wars creation is something I’d put in video form, but I’m not sure if I’d rent a booth and do it. To each their own.

Well, anyway, LEGO announced the latest addition to their Star Wars Ultimate Collectors Series, the Rebel Alliance’s B-Wing. Featured briefly in Return of the Jedi and given an entire expansion pack in LucasArts’ famed spaceship simulator X-Wing in 1994, the B-Wing is bomber/support ship that was co-designed by Admiral “It’s A Trap!” Ackbar. Of course, I only know all this because of an imaginative childhood. LEGO released a smaller scale B-Wing in 2006 with roughly a third the pieces, but that might be for the better. In the short video the LEGO Design team put together, and you can kinda see it in the masthead here, there’s some drooping around the central truss because of the weight of the engine/cockpit cluster. As much as I love LEGOs, their plastic isn’t meant to sustain so much weight, leaving their TIE Defender model, however elegant it is, feeling very flimsy.

Still, that’s a small nit to pick for another beautiful LEGO Star Wars set. It drops in October for $200.

Source: Gizmodo

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