When Did Hurdles Get So Sexy?

Posted by on July 18, 2012 at 9:23 pm

Guys. They like to watch the Olympics for the cool stuff like, shooting, archery and… yeah, uh… That’s right women’s gymnastics and beach volleyball. Don’t lie guys, I know, I know, I’ve put us all on the spot. Well hurdles is not something that I would think guys would be watching, that us until I saw hurdler Michelle Jenneke, who is undoubtedly the hottest hurdler on the planet.

Michelle Jenneke, 19, hailing from Australia competed over the weekend in the 2012 World Junior Championships, held in Barcelona. It looks like in the video she won though I was a little distracted. Unfortunately she won’t be competing in this years Olympic games. To bad, because I’m sure that event would be sold out by now if she was.

I couldn’t find out anymore info on Michelle because every result has something to do with this video. She needs to get a Facebook and/or a Twitter account. Better yet, she just needs to get in touch with me, I love girls with Australian accents! Just watch the video to see for yourself!

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