Curiosity Sending Back Color Photos, Panoramas Even!

Posted by on August 9, 2012 at 7:24 pm

Hey! Wait a minute, that’s not in color!

Yes! Full 360 degree color panoramic photo! To me it’s not a lot to look at but at the same time I’m zooming in looking in detail at the surface of Mars, 352 million miles away. Yeah, so it’s totally cool. No aliens yet and of course data is slow to get here but I can’t wait for more high resolution images. I don’t think I could work at NASA, you have to be super patient.

This weekend the rover will be receiving a software update so nothing new will happen. We will still be getting data, maybe more images but it won’t be taking pictures during that time. In fact NASA is still doing health checks on Curiosity and they won’t be moving the rover or testing out it’s mechanical arms for WEEKS. Like I said, no way I could work there. That thing would’ve been driving around Mars within seconds of touching down.

Here is what you’ve been wanting to see, color panorama here & grey-scale panorama here (more pixels!).

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