“Jane-Doe” Sought For Child Pornography

Posted by on August 10, 2012 at 8:42 pm

Have you seen this woman? If so, call the cops. NOW!

There exists, in this world, a lot of really horrible things and really horrible people. Some of the bad things I can think of are having your air conditioner go out in the middle of a heatwave, getting hit in the testicles with a 2 iron, cutting your finger while you’re slicing lemons and NBC’s coverage of the Olympics.

Some of the bad people I can think of are Osama Bin Laden, Josef Mengele, Ted Bundy and the person who plans Nintendo’s press briefings.

Of all of the bad people I can think of in the world, though, none of them strike me as being the kind of worthless, scandalous, in need of being found and arrested NOW, scumbag pictured above.

Here’s what we know at this point:

This woman is described by federal agents as a Caucasian female, 25 to 35 years old, with a medium build, dark brown hair and blue eyes, with a large mole on the back of her left thigh. She is believed to be involved in the creation of pornographic videos featuring herself and an unknown man performing sexual acts with two children, one of whom is 5 to 7 years old and the other 3 to 5 years old.

The videos were discovered by federal agents during the investigation of an unrelated child pornography case.

The woman is believed to be in the United States at this time and a “Jane-Doe” warrant was issued for her out of federal court in Washington DC, today.

If you know this woman or see this woman out and about, you are highly encouraged to contact the authorities immediately and report her whereabouts. There are 2 innocent children out there who are being abused and this woman seems to have a direct link to that situation so let’s all chip in and find this bitch, NOW. Tweet this out to all of your people and hammer on that like button. Spread the word as far and as fast as you can.

Get to it!

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