Cards Against Humanity Donates Pay-What-You-Want Profits to Wikipedia

Posted by on December 17, 2012 at 3:12 pm
Don't be like this asshole...

Don’t be like this asshole…

If you’ve never heard of Cards Against Humanity, you are really missing out on something special. Instead of trying to explain it you can check out their site or Wikipedia for more information. Back to what I was talking about before you rudely interrupted me, they had a pay-what-you-want holiday pack. Now that it’s over they released the stats on how everything broke down.

They said the holiday pack cost about $1 to make and $2 to ship and they asked $5, but they would take whatever you would pay including $0. As you can see above they did send out to people that didn’t pay anything, including Asshole Mcgee, Iama Asshole, Asshole Moocher, Resident Asshole, Asshole Asshole.

They sold approximately 85,000 holiday packs and people paid on average $3.89. 57% of people paid $5 while almost 20% of people were assholes and paid nothing. All-in-all they grossed $295,828.90 and after $225,762.63 in costs they made $70,066.27 in profit. The cool part of this, instead of buying things like an island, 1,000 liters of boar sperm or enough condoms for every man, woman and child, they donated the money to the Wikimedia Foundation, you may know it as Wikipedia. You can check out all the stats here.

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