My Take On The Connecticut School Shootings

Posted by on December 17, 2012 at 2:56 pm
Yep...that's right Mr. Shooter. You're a moron.

Yep…that’s right Mr. Shooter. You’re a moron.

I’m going to be honest, here…This is a hot subject for me for a number of reasons. I’m not going to talk about all of those reasons but I am going to talk about the one which is the most inflammatory to me.

Throughout the last several years, we’ve had a number of shootings in very public places. From schools to malls to movie theaters, it seems that the people who commit these cowardly acts are getting more and more bold and trying to beat one another out for the title of “biggest asshole”.

And that, my friends, is the problem.

This is NOT an issue of gun control, I can promise you that. I don’t want to go into a long sermon on the folly of limiting Americans’ ability to own and possess firearms or wax philosophical on the merits of the second amendment but I will say this – and this is something that has been said over and over again – if you make possessing guns illegal, only criminals will possess guns. It is utterly impossible to stop criminals from getting firearms, hence it is utterly impossible to stop them doing this kind of thing by making guns illegal.

The bigger problem is the amount of attention these assholes are paid by the media. Television news, network news, newspapers, media sites, news radio – they all talk and talk and talk about the crime. They try to dig in to the life of the person who committed the act of cowardice and sensationalize how terrible the crime was. They go on and on about how this shooting compares to that and how, if there were just 2 MORE BODIES, this could be the worst mass shooting in history.

For weeks after the act, the douchebag’s face is plastered on front page after front page. It appears at the top of every news show. Experts are brought in to talk about the emotional state of the jagoff, and how he can’t get it up because he’s a boot-licking mama’s boy, and they insert large photos of the killer in the frame. Still more experts come on to talk about the social impact of the actions of the scum sucking coward and they put another large photo of the impotent moron on the screen. They say his name over and over and over, giving the dickhead all the recognition and attention he could never get in life, because he was WAY too much of a loser who spent all of his free time imagining what it would be like to make sexy time with his mother or grandmother or father or sister’s cocker spaniel.

At the end of the day, that’s all these people are. They’re sad, useless losers who decided that they wanted to go out with a bang, instead of the meek little barely-audible whisper which entailed 120% of their entitlement. So why in the hell are the people in the media so intent on glorifying these people? Why are they so hell-bent on sensationalizing their crimes and making a circus out of senseless act of cowardice committed by someone who would have best served humanity by leaving no mark behind, other than a note which read “I suck at life, goodbye”?

Well, people like to point fingers at the media. I will concede the point that the media is partially to blame because they’re in it for the ratings. They don’t get paid the big bucks unless their ratings are high and the advertisers are impressed. This is symptomatic of something else entirely, though, and I’m going to say it because nobody else seems to have the balls to spit it out.

It’s US.

The public is why this crap happens. The media keep playing this rubbish over and over and continue to do so until the ratings die out because people have lost interest in the situation or something else happens which makes people drool on themselves even more. It’s because the average human being can’t keep their eyes off of a train wreck…the same thing that causes traffic to back up for 5 miles every time there’s a little fender bender on the freeway. Morons doing what morons do…Rubbernecking.

I, for one, don’t participate in it. I haven’t read a single news report or watched a single second of a televised report on this latest asshole or the few before him. I refuse to assist in the glorification of these people and the sensationalization of the acts they commit. I will not, under any circumstances, take part in the media frenzy which surrounds these acts because I am not going to take part in building up the hopes and dreams of the next dipshit who gets it in their head that they can be the next big story on the news and can finally get the recognition that little Sally Pinkpanties never gave them in the sixth grade.

Nope…not from me. I don’t care about them. I don’t care what their names are. I don’t care what their body count was or what stressors finally drove them over the edge. I don’t care that they were spanked as children or that they never got the required amount of attention from their mommy and daddy or that their girlfriend left them because they were a loser who couldn’t hold down a menial job.

My only thoughts go out to the victims. Those are the people we should all be thinking about. Unfortunately we’re trapped in a vicious cycle and until we, the public, stop paying mind to these cowardly losers, we’re going to say there.

As for me, the second someone starts talking about it, I change the channel. I’m not going to help them get advertising dollars. I just wish everyone else would do the same.

Until then, this is going to keep happening.

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