Why Have I Not Known About Extreme Pogo-Stick Sport Before Now?

Posted by on January 17, 2013 at 8:38 pm
The sport of dreams.

The sport of dreams.

Guys, I just learned this thing existed, I’m sorry. I think you already know whether any particular ‘extreme sport’ is for you because of the name alone. Extreme sport. I can’t watch regular sports, they’re too boring. Extreme sports are like those, but with Monster Energy pumping through its circulatory and a Mountain Dew at hand. They’re caricature sports, or that’s how the ads have made them out to be. The big problem I have with them is that physics and the limits of human ability have already showed us what we can do with skateboards, bicycles, snowboards, and variants thereof.

But extreme pogo sticking? This is new.

Walking can sometimes be an adventure for me, so the first (and last) time I tried mounting a pogo stick was a fun experience. It’s got far less of a contact surface than a snowboard or dirt bike, and its mechanism makes for some interesting techniques. Using a pogo spoke to grind a rail? Okay, sure. Super sick jumps? All right.

I’m glad I know about this now. Do pogo sticks go to the Olympics? The X Games? I don’t know, but I wish Shaun White would get on it so it can move beyond the well-groomed New York crowds.

Source: Geekologie

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