We Were Sent a Key, Help Us Solve This Mystery

Posted by on February 26, 2013 at 8:54 pm
What does this key go to?

What does this key go to?

We get some random things at FleshEatingZipper but we have never received something that we couldn’t tell where it came from, until now. This package came in, attention to me for some reason. In the package a white box with a yellow ribbon. In that box a key wrapped in a small brown ribbon. I like mysteries so what could it be?

There was no return address and nothing else in the manila envelope. There is nothing else in the box and no markings on the box or ribbons. No markings on the key or chain.

What’s difficult for us is that we cover gaming, entertainment and tech so it could be related to any of those. Though I do suspect that it’s gaming related only because I’ve seen gaming publishers mess with other media outlets promoting something.

I’m excited but completely stuck and need everyone’s help. Here are more pictures of everything and a video unboxing. Comment below if you have any ideas or theories.




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