FEZ Week In Review #11, 2013: SimCity, Tomb Raider, And Cooler Ranch DLTs

Posted by on March 15, 2013 at 5:57 pm
Week 11!

Week 11!

FEZ Week In Review is a weekly series where we go over the stories that mattered most to you in the past seven days, whether gaming, tech, entertainment, or otherwise, we bring them together for you to view in one quick glance! (Oh, and yes, we realize we didn’t do ten of these so far this year. We’re sorry! We’ll get better)

Imagine this, but in aluminum and on Verizon.

Nokia’s Lumia love coming to Verizon sounds like a great idea.

10. The Nokia Lumia 928 Arrives: Verizon To Finally Get A Cool Windows Phone In April

Before he was an angry, disembodied head.

Did we need a new Oz film? Sam Raimi thought so.

9. Oz the Great and Powerful Review: Oz the Con Man

Warning: spoilers galore.

Unfortunately, this thriller didn’t get a passing grade.

8. ‘Dead Man Down’ Review: Wasted Potential

You'll have plenty of abilities to upgrade as you play.

It’s a little old-school, but you’ll probably enjoy this Roguelike.

7. Sword Of The Stars: The Pit (PC) Review: Another Welcome Roguelike

Audiences with neighboring civilizations are always a treat.

Lots of interest in Zer0 Sum’s new space strategy game!

6. StarDrive (PC) Beta Preview: Finally, A Space-Based 4X Game With Some Spunk

Do you trust this man with your entertainment investments?

Pachter is a divisive figure, to say the least.

5. Why Does Michael Pachter Irritate Gamers? Because He’s Wrong Too Often

Does it look cool? Too bad it may never exist in a form you can play.

It seems odd that LucasArts would cancel a game like this and then publish Kinect Star Wars. Seriously.

4. ‘Star Wars’ Meets ‘Call Of Duty’ In New ‘First Assault’ Screens, May Never Come Out

Lara's seen better days, that's for sure!

Square-Enix’s new action adventure game did a pretty good job re-inventing the series.

3. Tomb Raider (PC) Review: Good To Go Or Does It Blow?

You didn't think a new flavor would come? IT CAME.

Taco Bell’s new Doritos-themed taco actually caused urban panic in some areas. It’s true.

2. Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos Review: Best In Breed

No traffic on that street!

We helped a lot of people get started in SimCity this week!

1. Getting Started in ‘SimCity’: A Handy Guide

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