Safeway Home Delivery Review: What Was Life Like Before Grocers Came To You?

Posted by on March 8, 2013 at 8:49 am
It's like ordering pizza online, but with all kinds of food!

It’s like ordering pizza online, but with all kinds of food!

Before I moved out to Phoenix, Rob – and later, Kelly – kept yammering about how Safeway delivered groceries out here, to your home. It seems somewhat paradoxical that as a fat kid, I actually kinda enjoy walking through many of the aisles and seeing what I want specifically. Maybe I want something special here and there. But that’s also where the trouble lies: if I’m walking around that store, with aisles full of things I want, I’m going to want it all.

Instead, to use Safeway’s delivery effectively, I needed to pare down my selections. You also need to spend at least $50 to get the nice Safeway employee to come out to your house. On my inaugural delivery, I created a modest list of Naked Juices and Nutri-grain bars. Maybe a few other things in there, too. As you place each item, you can give Safeway some discretion for substitutions. Say they don’t have that particular Naked Juice, but they have another flavor in that size? Maybe they have that flavor, but in a different size. You can request they substitute those quantities, but you can also tell them to drop the item entirely if it’s out. Unfortunately, they didn’t have my 64-ounce Strawberry Banana juice, but this wasn’t counted against the $50 minimum order. items can be shopped on an aisle-by-aisle listing or you can go straight for the jugular and add them by search, much like you would on, say, Amazon.

In the areas that do offer the service, they say you can order by 830AM and get same-day delivery, which seems like a lie. I checked the availability windows at 825AM and was given no options in either 1-, 2-, or 4- hour delivery windows. (You get a small discount if you go for larger delivery windows.) Regardless, I’m a man who likes to plan ahead, so a mid-afternoon dropoff made sense. The delivery man arrived in his big truck with my groceries, all tagged with proprietary stickers to indicate they were mine, like some kind of food luggage, about fifteen minutes into the 2-3pm window I set up. It worked out great. Not long after the order was complete, I was asked to rate the service via e-mail. For that, I got another free delivery (Did I mention you get free delivery for your first order? You sure do.) and, get this, eight free bananas. Oh my god! That’s the most unexpected and amazing prize I could possibly think of. Free bananas? Win!

Anyway, Safeway delivery may just change my life for the better. Hopefully they restock on that Strawberry Banana Naked Juice here soon.

9/10 FleshEatingZipper

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