Apparently, The Cupcake Is Dying

Posted by on April 17, 2013 at 9:53 am
Save the cupcakes! ...nah.

Save the cupcakes! …nah.

When I still lived in Colorado, our roommate would often bring home a box full of gourmet cupcakes with the vigor of winning the first place trophy for The Ability To Purchase Cupcakes. He’d always buy far too many and before he’d have to be instructed to dispose of them, they’d just sit on the counter and rot, the ruined product of over-ambition. I didn’t realize that gourmet cupcakes were a thing, but apparently they’re not now, so the story goes.

There are parts of the United States where a store like Crumbs exists, working exclusively with cupcakes. I’ve never seen one. Further still, there are bakeries that once charged up to $4 for a single cupcake masterpiece. I did not know these things existed, but they did and soon they won’t at all! Reading the story from The Atlantic was like peering into a strange parallel universe where cupcakes are held in some incredibly high regard. I think of cupcakes and I think of those “two for $5” trays full of thirty of the things adorned with airy whip cream. Frankly, if I’m feeling sweet, I’m more of a muffin man, but a bagel and cream cheese will win me over most any time (hello Brueggers, when are you coming to the west side of the country?)

Well, uh, goodbye?

Source: The Atlantic Wire
Photo credit: Glorious Treats

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