Fat, Sick, Or Nearly Dead? Well, Do We Have A Documentary For You!

Posted by on April 8, 2013 at 7:33 pm
YOU need to check this out.

YOU need to check this out.

Like the standard American, we’re pretty soft around the mid-section here at The FEZ Palace. Being fat is something quaint (and something to be picked on for) growing up, but in adulthood, obesity can lead to some pretty drastic health issues. Joe Cross nearly died because of his weight, but he found a solution: juicing. This is his story.

Last September, Kelly and I actually tried this out. We bought a Breville juicer (and now they’re sponsoring us!) and began the juicing adventure. Keep at it and you can achieve some pretty drastic weight loss. Over the course of a month and a half, I lost thirty pounds. You’ll also, uh, need to keep it off through exercise and continually eating right. Thankfully, Breville is here to help. Catch the story of Joe Cross for free on YouTube for a limited time. It doesn’t proselytize, it just offers good advice with real results, so I’d heartily recommend you check it out even if we weren’t getting server money for it.

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