Now That Roger Ebert Is Gone, Let’s Talk About People Being Inappropriate

Posted by on April 4, 2013 at 10:30 pm
You're guilty of being an asshole!

You’re guilty of being an asshole!

Listen, I know that, from time to time, everyone has little lapses in judgment which lead to them looking like a raging asshole in front of everyone. It can’t be avoided. Just the other day, for example, I listened to a woman in the store talk about the really good sex she’d had with her boyfriend the night before, while a five or six-year old little girl listened on.

Faux pas, much?

This was unintentional though, and something which is not intentional and without malice can be forgiven. I draw the line between tomfoolery and someone being a complete dick when people go out of their way to be inappropriate by cashing in on other people’s deaths.

Take, for example, this email we got today:

Hi there,

I hope you’re doing very well. With the sad news that legendary film critic Roger Ebert has passed, I wanted to let you know that nostalgia expert [Name Removed], Founder of the social nostalgia platform, [Name Removed], is available to speak about Mr. Ebert’s incredible career and impact on film and culture.

Please let me know if you’d like to speak with [Redacted]. I can make him available at your earliest convenience.

All the best,


Listen, shithead, Roger Ebert hadn’t even been dead a day when you assholes decided to get together and cash in on him losing his battle to cancer. Sure, media outlets around the world picked up the story and wrote about the loss of a great critic but what kind of gall does it take to pitch some bullshit like this? You’re actually hoping people will pick this up and run stories which will give more exposure to this guy and his shitty website?

Get a life. Seriously.

For the rest of the world: stop it. Cashing in on people dying makes you a vulture.

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