Oh, Wow: People Seriously Believe The Boston Marathon Bombing Was A Government Job

Posted by on April 15, 2013 at 3:42 pm
The marathon is going to be a lot different going forward.

The marathon is going to be a lot different going forward.

We’re not even hours into the wake of the terrible events at today’s Boston Marathon and we’re already being redirected to a political debate of the most absurd proportions. Because some possess this terribly dark side of their souls, they’re framing the tragedy as a ‘False Flag’: a shoehorn for the government to institute Martial law. I cannot possibly express in words how insulting and moronic this notion is.

Of course people are going to steer this, somehow, into some kind of example about how valid their grotesquely twisted worldview is. I don’t even need to mention names because these guilty parties should stand alone, a place where their ideas deserve to drown.

It doesn’t matter what the domestic disaster is, these same people will form a line in the trees and broadcast ‘this is a specter of terrible things to come.’ They have no evidence of their claims, except only the fleeting fractions of events that they scoop off the ground and compile into some grossly distorted version of reality.

Seriously: Why would the government bomb the finish line of the Boston Marathon to institute Martial law?

People believe this shit. This is not genuine intellectual discourse, this is merely shit. Not only are your notions rendered false by how far you must twist the truth to make your scenario even remotely plausible, but you’re failing to provide any relief to anyone actually affected by these terrible events.

As Americans, we own the right to propel any belief or statement into the public, but this poisonous vine needs to be stopped right now. Respect the victims in Boston today by not turning this into yet another scumbag conspiracy theory. Please, please don’t do it.

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