Pizza Hut (Xbox 360) App Review: Yo Dog, Order Pizza Hut From Your Xbox

Posted by on April 23, 2013 at 2:36 pm
You want pepperoni in your pizza? Fine, whatever man!

You want pepperoni in your pizza? Fine, whatever man!

Pizza Hut is no stranger to blending in with new gaming technology. In a move that will no doubt be mentioned in a thousand other Pizza Hut app announcements, they brought the /pizza command to Sony Online Entertainment’s EverQuest 2 nearly a decade ago, highlighting how lazy and fat gamers are, because of course. Sure, Pizza Hut isn’t the only chain pie maker with an app on various platforms. Sure, Pizza Hut doesn’t have Dominos’ famous Pizza Tracker. You know what Pizza Hut has? An app where you can order pizza through your console. Right on.

If you’ve ever ordered a pizza online while using a Windows Phone at the same time, you get the gist. After downloading the app – which takes a surprisingly long time – you’ll be asked to fill in your account information for Delivery or Carryout. Since I already had an account, I logged in.

Invalid login. Try two or three other passwords.

Invalid login. Log into the site: success! Try to log into the app with the exact same password.

Invalid login. Try this again three or four times because I’m a little soft in the brain sometimes.

Invalid login. Change password on site, successfully log into site again. Success! Log into app with new password.

Success! Great.

Okay, so in pure Metro style, all their offerings are in clumps: pizza, chicken, pasta, etc. Adding food is straight-forward, but because of Metro’s restrictions, and perhaps to aid the Kinect functionality, it’s slower to order food through here than just doing it through their web site or through a touch-enabled app. Pizza Hut gives you a 15% discount on your first order through the app, but it doesn’t explicitly state how the discount is applied, leaving me to wonder why one of the items I placed in the cart didn’t have a price below it.

I stopped short of actually committing to the order because Pizza Hut is disgusting. No, I don’t care about how you hate chain restaurants or how cool that hole-in-the-wall pizza place is where you live; in the pantheon of mass pizza, Pizza Hut is the worst, despite having the most to do with my childhood. They can’t even get by on nostalgia. Their pizza is only interesting when it’s free.

Anyway, this is a functional app, but unless you’re planning to have a ‘pizza ordering party’ around your home entertainment center, seriously, just order it on your phone. Like, don’t call anyone, just use your Android or iOS device. Or the web site. Do all that instead of this app.

6/10 FleshEatingZipper

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