The N5 Show: Week #26, 2013 – ‘World War Z’, ‘Monsters University’ And ‘MANEATER’!

Posted by on June 25, 2013 at 5:31 pm
Make you work hard, make you sweat hard...

Make you work hard, make you sweat hard…

Looks like everyone’s having technical issues this week! TC was unable to join us this week because of microphone issues and Russell drops out halfway through, but not after we have a rousing conversation about World War Z, Brad Pitt’s stardom level and Monsters University and Pixar films of recent! Starting at the 40:20 mark, we dive into our introduction for the MANEATER: The Fall of Mankind Kickstarter and talk about our inspirations, where various elements came from and ask you to come along for the ride! Come check out the latest and greatest episode of the N5 Show!


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