The N5 Show: Week #30, 2013 – The Conjuring, Red 2, Guild Wars 2, Sunsetting Kickstarters

Posted by on July 23, 2013 at 7:52 pm
We're up to some crazy madness!

We’re up to some crazy madness!

I don’t know why I said it was week 20 here, but I might’ve been trying to hold back the urge to burst out laughing, which I ended up doing anyway. It’s week 30! Anyway, we’ve got Russell on board to talk about The Conjuring and Red 2, Cody’s on board to chat about the latest Guild Wars 2 content and we wrap up chatting about the end of our MANEATER Kickstarter campaign, which only has hours to go. Then, stay tuned after the show for a surprise!


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