Blendoku Set to Become the Next Mobile Puzzle Game Craze

Posted by on April 25, 2013 at 7:56 am

With nearly 5 million games played already, Blendoku is set to become the next mobile craze, entertaining audiences and educating players around the world about colors. Like a color crossword mixed with sudoku, the game redefines what can be expected from an “edutainment” product.

Los Angeles, CA — April 25, 2013 [FleshEatingZipper] — Blendoku, a new game released this month by Lonely Few, is taking the world by storm. Based on a simple premise, the game challenges the player to complete a crossword-like board of colors. Like other highly addictive puzzle games, Blendoku’s design is effortlessly simple but has a level of depth and challenge that’s keeping players hooked. Unlike other puzzle games, however, it is also educational, teaching players advanced color comprehension taught only in the finest art schools.

Based purely on the principles of colors and how they blend, the gameplay is highly accessible for all ages and cultural backgrounds. While enjoying the game’s 475 levels, the player is indirectly learning the core fundamentals of color theory and color-blending techniques.

Blendoku is so effective at teaching color that multiple institutions are now using it as actual in-class exercises. The developers were even asked to address a community of art teachers about how Blendoku can be used broadly to teach color theory.

Usually, a game that’s as effective at teaching will unfortunately lack enough gameplay to keep most players interested. Blendoku, however, was designed as a real game, and as such, it has no problem keeping players entertained. In the short time since its launch, Blendoku has earned a staggering amount of positive user reviews and was prominently featured by Apple in the App Store.

After thousands of reviews earning an average user score of 96%, Blendoku’s cementing itself as the next big thing in mobile gaming. Blendoku is now available on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store as free downloads.

About Lonely Few
Lonely Few is based in Los Angeles, California, and was founded by two former industry veterans, Rod Green and Yeong-Hao Han, formerly of BioWare and Pandemic, respectively. Green and Han have decades of game development experience between them, forming Lonely Few to make high-quality mobile games. Lonely Few can be contacted at +19497019618 or via email (

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