KickStart Your Crowdfunding Campaign With Aid From Market-Leading ‘Indie Developer Consulting’

Posted by on April 8, 2013 at 8:21 am

Meet Your Target With Professional Help From Industry Veterans!

Market leading PR-firm ‘Indie Developer Consulting’ (IDC) is proud to offer game developers worldwide an exclusive and highly unique Crowdfunding service! The firms new ‘KickStarter Service’ has quickly become a popular choice among independent developers seeking professional help from industry specialists.

The ‘KickStarter Service’ is one-of-a-kind by any games focused PR-specialist and is perfect to those developers with a Crowdfunding campaign already in progress, or developers planning to launch their campaign in the near future. Running a KickStarter campaign is a lot of hard work, and the workload and effort required to secure funding is more often than not, underestimated. ‘Indie Developer Consulting’ and its dedicated team of specialists has the experience and expertise needed to consult and advise developers on the do’s and don’ts of running successful Crowdfunding campaigns, and encourages game developers worldwide to make contact.

The ‘KickStarter Service’ includes:

ü IDC helps you with copywriting of text, pictures and incentives on your KickStarter project page.
ü IDC writes, and sends out, an unlimited number of press releases during your campaign to the worldwide press to promote all updates on your project page, and to generate traffic and pledges for you.
ü IDC contacts VIP press worldwide to get you exclusive developer interviews and special attention by press to hit the front-page news to generate traffic to your campaign websites, and other game-related websites you may have.
ü IDC are available to you 7 days a week by phone, Skype and Email to consult and advise you on how to become successful in your campaign.
ü IDC are available to you 7 days a week during the entire campaign to answer any questions you may have concerning your Business, PR, and Marketing needs
ü IDC always provide you with their honest opinion about your chances of success, the quality of your project, and consults you on your studios short-term and long-term plans in the industry based on your existing portfolio and active campaign.

Developers interested in further information are welcome to contact Indie Developer Consulting by sending an email to<gp_link type=”mailto” loc=””> Pricing on this, and other services offered by the firm are available on <gp_link type=”http” loc=”//”>

About Indie Developer Consulting
Indie Developer Consulting was founded in San Francisco in 2009 with the mission of servicing small- to medium-sized developers with their business, public relations and marketing needs. Our goal is to help and assist you in getting your games successfully exposed to the gaming press and consumers worldwide. We are gamers ourselves. We are former games journalists ourselves. We are highly experienced in the industry and have specialized in the development, business, and marketing of games for decades. Our team of marketers has held senior roles with major gaming studios across the globe, and we pride ourselves of always giving you our genuine opinion about your games and needs. In just a few short years, Indie Developer Consulting has represented more than 500 independent game developers from all continents and corners of the world, and we will continue to offer a varied selection of services to our clients. By offering personalized services at highly competitive prices, we have quickly become a market-leading consulting firm to developers and publishers worldwide.

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