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San Diego, CA – April 19, 2013 [FleshEatingZipper]- Coming this summer, grab a jet ski and tear the waves apart in Tropical Heat’s newest expansion! Tropical Heat, developed and published by Somatic Vision, is a Jet Ski racing game that takes place in the beautiful tropics and is currently available to play on both single and multiplayer for both PC and Mac. Tropical Heat is a crazy fun time and the most beautiful Jet Ski racing game that has ever been made! Dive under water, or launch yourself off ramps, to do impossible Jet Ski trick combinations. Earn high scores, unique achievements and unlock new play modes by combining extreme tricks, big air, and quick completion times to receive a top ranking. Play in Extreme for intense racing over narrower ramps, through spinning rings, and against tougher opponents.

Here is a short list of Tropical Heat’s current features:

  • Customize your character and Jet Ski.
  • Listen to Chill, Latin or Upbeat songs in each of the 15 races.
  • Race in sunny, stormy, sunset and night environments.
  • Dive to jump out from under water and high into the air to perform tricks.
  • Perform Tricks and trick combos to earn power and points.
  • Earn Dozens of Achievements for high jumps, combo tricks, high scores and more.
  • Earn High Scores each race for most points, most tricks and biggest jumps.
  • Unlock Extreme Difficulty by earning high scores in all 15 levels.
  • Play Multiplayer with 8 players on PC and Mac.

In the new summer expansion, Acceleration, Tropical Heat will offer some new stunning features:

  • 10 new races available for those who want to tear the waves apart and go against other players.
  • Race areas are 2 to 3 times bigger for those who want to explore more and go beyond the boundaries.
  • Volcanoes, Tunnels, Cliffs, Sand Dunes and Cyclones are now available that will make your experience even more thrilling!
  • Play as Sea Turtle and String Ray and glide along the waves enjoying the breeze of the ocean

There will also be exclusive giveaways this Friday, giving gamers a free chance to virtually experience the thrill of riding a jetski on rippling waves in the tropics. The giveaway event will be hosted on various gaming sites.

What will the giveaway offer?

Users who get codes to the free version of the game will be given the following:

  • 48 hours of free play (plenty of time to get a taste of the fun adventure that the game has to offer!)
  • The achievements to race as a dolphin, shark or killer whale have been unlocked for you so you can enjoy playing one of the most fun and difficult to earn features in Tropical Heat.

After the 48 hours is over, players will have the option to purchase the game. The paid version of the game will still keep the unlocked animals. Whether you love racing or you just want to escape to a tropical paradise then this game it for you.

For more information about Tropical Heat including videos and screenshots, go to the official Tropical Heat website at

About Somatic Vision
Somatic Vision is a small independent studio of developers from around the world. We love old school arcade racing games, where you get better by playing and you win because you are the best player. We love the outdoors, which is why our racing games take place outdoors. And most of all, we love that games can transport players somewhere amazing where they can do incredible things that they could only imagine in real life. Whether it’s Dual Drive, our off road dune buggy racing game, or it’s Tropical Heat, our physics defying jet ski racing game that takes place in the beautiful tropics, we put our loves into our games so that you will love playing them. For more information about Somatic Vision please visit

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