YouTube Star Paves Way For Future Crowdsourcing

Posted by on May 23, 2013 at 2:34 pm

Studio City, CA – FleshEatingZipper – Comedian, musician and YouTube sensation Toby Turner (with over 9.5 million subscribing fans and over 2 billion views across his channels), has seized the spotlight of YouTube Comedy Week to launch his innovative IndieGoGo campaign to build a mobile video game based around “Tobuscus Adventures,” his wildly popular animated series. Aptly named “Tobuscus Adventures: Wizards,” the smartphone-inspired game will be available on both iOS and Android devices.

Raising a cool $100,000 in the first day alone, Turner has proven that for the next generation of content creators, there is no need to rely on traditional media outlets to generate new material — or to expand to new mediums.
Unlike most crowd-sourcing efforts, Turner has integrated the campaign push into his creative content, resulting in entertaining videos that give fans a taste of the mobile game they’re helping to develop. By funding the campaign, Turner’s viewers are directly involved in the creation of content. If the campaign exceeds its goal, all of the money raised goes to bringing the audience even more of what they love — new episodes of the original Tobuscus Adventures animated series.

The latest Tobuscus Adventures episode acts as a funnel for the campaign – and fans are responding en masse. Having already passed the half-way mark of the $240k goal inside of 48 hours, Turner’s campaign is well on its way to success.
The mobile game will fully integrate animated cut scenes done in the style of the series, creating a unique way for fans to follow the characters from the show. In addition, the gameplay mechanics allow this game to stand out from iOS App Store and Android Google Play crowds. In order to cast spells and fend off the zombie horde, players must draw symbols that correspond with pages from a wizard’s spell book that are collected throughout the game.

Lovingly referred to as the “Audience” by Turner, his fans have voted for new digital content from Tobuscus for years with their likes, subscribe clicks and now with their IndieGoGo donations. This proves that audiences are willing to invest in their own entertainment, marking a definitive shift in the way content is being generated.
With donations, the mobile game is expected to be in the App Store and on Google Play for smartphone devices by the end of the year. Contributors can visit to support Turner and “Tobuscus Adventures: Wizards.” For information on Toby Turner and his YouTube channels visit,,, and

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