1000 Employees Walk out of Nokia on Strike

Posted by on February 11, 2011 at 1:25 pm

1000 employees, that’s 1/3 of Nokia! They are pissed about the “partnership” with Microsoft because they know that it’s not really a partnership and more of a, thanks we got Nokia for free deal. What can we expect for Nokia now?Well it looks like starting April 1st, that the company structure will change including what staff will work on as well as management. Nokia will integrate everything Microsoft; Bing search, Bing maps and moving all of Nokia’s apps to Microsoft’s marketplace (I didn’t even know that Nokia had an app store).

Will this be the beginning of Nokia phones with Windows Mobile 7 on them? Does Nokia still make relevant products? I forgot about them after the whole “bar” phone phaze when all the kids wanted one because you could get a clear case with blinky LED’s everywhere and fake rhinestones on it.

Oh and check out this video with them quickly talking about the partnership:


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  • Anonymous

    I’m sure thousands more are pissed that Nokia can’t get into the US market, US carriers keep cancelling their debuts here, and they’re been losing market/mindshare against Apple and Google for years now. More power to ’em.

    • They’re not here because the phones suck?

      • Anonymous

        Symbian sucks, but Nokia phones are pretty solid with some of the best cameras in the world, too.